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Suggested Naming Conventions for Files

We prefer that you name your Files asset in an organized way since the system automatically associates the files to category folders or collection folders. If the file name has an exact match on the folder names, the system will automatically add the Tags.

The “_” character will act as Folder tags separator for File asset name. For example 00001_Accessories.jpg will be assigned to “00001” Collection Folder and “Accessories” Collection Folder. If the “00001” Collection Folder and “Accessories” Collection Folder exist, the file name 00001_Accessories.jpg should have the tags of “00001”  and “Accessories”. if for example “00001” Collection Folder doesn’t exist then the 00001_Accessories.jpg will only have “Accessories” tag.

Tips: You can add a handful amount of Folder tags in the File name as long as it is separated by “_” (underscore) character.

To add a Folders tags to a File manually, we suggest you to check this “How To Add a Folder Tag Into Asset Files Manually” article

Example of how the auto tagging works:

1. On the home page click the upload file button.

2. On the Upload File form, make sure the “Enable Filename-based Folder Tagging” is checked and click the Next button.

3. Drop the files on the box or click the box to upload the files.

4. Now let’s check the tags of the uploaded file, on the homepage type the file name that you uploaded (00001_Accesories.jpg) on the search bar and click the predictive search result.

5. On the “File Details” of the file, scroll down to Folder Tags in Details area and check the automated folder tags.

Note: Only certain user type/roles has the authority to upload files.

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