User Types And Permissions

User Types And Permissions

We have 5 different user types for your DAM (Data Asset Management).

  1. Super Admin
  2. Admin User
  3. Contributor
  4. General Plus User
  5. General User

Each type of users has a certain permission/authorities on the system. This guide will discuss the user access to admin rights like the ability to upload, delete, create users, add attributes, edit themes and other admin capabilities. This table will give you an overview and comparison of how each User type can access your DAM.

Most basic read-only system access
Search, Browse, Preview and Share
Can only access ‘PUBLISHED’ files and folders
Folders, Files, Tabs must be set for ‘General User’ access
Can make unlimited personal Lightbox collections and share links
Can be limited by ‘Region’ settings if used
Access to ‘UNPUBLISHED’ files and contentX
Category, Collection and File availability settings must be set to allow ‘General Plus User’ roleX
Can be limited by ‘Region’ settings if usedX
Can upload files using the main uploader ONLYXX
Can overwrite existing filesXX
Can add metadata, tags, captions, properties, regions, and PERMISSIONS to uploadsXX
Can select from existing attributes for files to be uploadedXX
Category, Collection and File availability settings must be set to allow ‘CONTRIBUTOR’ roleXX
Visibility of content for this user can also be limited by other settings if usedXX
CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE: All Folders (Categories & Collections) / Files / Certain Visibility Settings / ApprovalsXXX
Can manage: File Conversions / Attri Visibility Settings butes  / All Global SettingsXXX
CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE: All System Settings / Branding / Themes / Module Controls / Users / Reports / Dashboard / Logs / Google AnalyticsXXXX

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