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Renaming Your Saved Search Title

Renaming your saved search is made easy with just few clicks. If the “Saved Searches” feature is empty it means you don’t have any saved yet. If that is the case we would like to recommend you to read this article “How To Save a Keyword Using The Save Search Feature” first.

Now Let’s Rename some saved search title:

1. On the home page, point your mouse to “My Account” found on the upper right part of the page.

2. The “Saved Searches” and “Sign Out” options will appear. Click the “Saved Searches”.

3. The “Saved Searches” form will open, to use the search feature just type the keyword and press enter.

4. Click the Pen icon / Rename button to rename the saved search title.

5. Edit the search title to your ideal search title.

6. Click Save button.

7. You successfully change the saved search title.

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