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Batch Edit Permissions of Files

Files have permissions settings just like Categories and Collections do. The File permission restricts a certain User Types/Roles to view or modify the files in Amplifi.io DAM system. Only the Super Admin and the Administrator have the authority to edit these File permissions.

To edit the file permission:

1. On the home page, use Browse, Search or Advanced Search to look for the files that you want to edit the permission.

2. Select the files individually or click the Select All/None to select or deselect all.

3. After selecting the files, click the batch action then select the Edit Permissions. (Note: When you use ‘Select All’, the system will select only the page’s worth of results. If you want to modify as many as possible, you can set the page to show more items per page – up to 200.)

4. The ‘Edit File Permission’ form will appear, you can now edit the Published Date, Regions and Roles.

5. Make sure to double check the changes and the list of tall the files in the wondow that the chages will apply to, and then click the Save Changes button.
6. Your permission is now saved across all the files you selected!

Note: if the edit permission option doesn’t appear on batch action, this means your account doesn’t have the authority to edit the files permission.

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