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How to Download a File by Bulk

Files can be downloaded for yourself or if you need to send it to others without accessing your amplifi.io account. You can find it in Collection Folder details tabs (Images, Videos, Documents, Misc Tabs), Files general information, LightBox and via shareable link.

There are multiple ways to download a File, you can download it by bulk, inside the collection folder details tabs and in the files General information.

In this article we are going to tackle how to bulk download a File on File page:

1. Browse and navigate through Files, you can use the Search feature and the Advanced search feature.

2. On the File page, click the checkbox of the file thumbnail (you can select multiple files).

3. Click the “Batch Actions” dropdown.

4. Click the Download button on the “Batch Actions” options.

5. Select your preferred file conversion format.

6. Click download now.

7. It will now start to download. Remember the larger the content of the collection folder the longer time it will take to be downloaded.

Tips: you can click the “Select All/None” checkbox to select or deselect all files on the current page.

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