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How to Delete a Category Folder

This feature is only available for Admin and Above User Type/Role. You can also edit your category folder name to make it more easy to handle. Always double-check the category folder name to make sure that the folder you are deleting is the correct category folder. All Child Folders of the deleted category folder will be moved up one level. Also, this may cause some Collections to become “unassociated”.

Creating a new category folder? No problem. This “create a category folder” article will show you how easy it is to create a category folder.

Now let’s delete an extra/unused category folder:

1. Login to Amplifi DAM system, make sure you are using an Admin or Super Admin account.

2. On the Home page, click the word “Folders” on the upper left side part of the screen. Note that the word “Folders” can change to other word depending on the System Setting.

3. Point the mouse on the category folder you will be working on and click the three dots.

4. Then click Delete.

5. A confirm delete form will appear, make sure to double-check the category folder name before clicking the yes button.

6. Done! You have successfully deleted a category folder.

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