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How To Add Label Tags And Folder Tags On Multiple Files

How To Add Label Tags And Folder Tags On Multiple Files

Label Tags is a classifying phrase that gives information about the File. You can click this link on “how to add label tags manually ” to guide you step by step on how to add label tags.

The system automatically associates files to category folders or collection folders. To know more about how the system auto tags the files just click here.

Only the Admin and above Types/Roles has the authority to update the Folder Tags and Label Tags. This feature can add one or more Folder tags and Label Tags into multiple Files. Don’t worry about your old folder tags and labels tags, this feature will not override your old Folder tags or Label tags on Files.

With just few steps you can add a Folder tags and Label Tags on multiple files. Try it!

1. Browse and navigate through Files, you can use the Search feature and the Advanced search feature.

2. On the File page, Click the checkbox to select multiple files.

3. Locate and Click the Batch action.

4. Click the “Add Metadata” on the list option.

5. Click on the add Folder Tags and type a existing Folder Tags on search bar.

6. Click the tags on search result suggestions to add it on Folder Tags.

7. Click the Label Tags text bar.

8. Type any label tags.

9. Click the Save changes button.

10. A “File Successfully updated” message will appear.

Tips: you can click the “Select All/None” checkbox to select or deselect all files on the current page.

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