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How To Add A Folder Tags On File Via File Details

The system automatically associates files to category folders or collection folders. To know more about how the system auto tags the files just click here.

Only the admin and above Types/Roles has the authority to update the tags. If they want to update the folder tag of the Files they can easily add or remove the tags that will optimize the File data.

To add Folders tags to a File:

1. Browse and navigate the Files that you want to edit, you can use the search and advanced search feature.

2. Click the image for the “General Information” to appear, click the magnifying glass in General information.

3. In the File details, scroll down to Details, click the Details dropdown and then click the folder tags.

4. Type the folder tag that you want to add.

5. The system will show its search result and then select your desired tag.

6. Double check the Tags and click the Save changes button.

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