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How to Create a Root Category Folder

How to Create a Root Category Folder

This feature will allow you to easily organize your Category Folder and Collection Folder. This will guide you on how to create a Root Category Folder.

Category Folder is a Collection of “Collection Folders” and “Category Folders”, The Category Folder can contain Collection folders, Category folder, Images, Videos, Attributes, Documents, Misc, Resources or “Links” and Associations.

The Category Folder can only have one parent Category Folder. The Category Folder can also have multiple Categories Folders or Collection Folders as direct children. The Category Folder can force a child Collection Folders to inherit content, permissions, custom tabs, fields, and data.

Now that we have an idea about Category Folder, let’s try to create one:

1. On the Home Page, click the ” Collections ” or “Categories” on the upper left side part of the screen.

2. Point your mouse on the Unassociated folder and click the 3 vertical dots.

3. Click new folder.

4. On “Create New” form, Enter your desired Category folder name.

5. By default, the root folder checkbox is checked. If it’s not checked just click the checkbox to select it.

6. By default, the “Published” checkbox is checked. The published folder can be accessed by all types of user, while the unpublished folder can only be accessed by a certain type of users only.

7. Select the date range of the category folder.

8. Click “Save and Continue”.

9. You can check it on the “Collections” or “Categories” on the left side part of the screen.

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