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How To Use The Advanced Search Feature

Advanced Search will help you to optimize your search result.

Advanced search features includes:

  • You can use the “All these words” field or “This exact word or phrase” field to find the things you want to look for.
  • Then you can use the “None of these words” field to exclude those unwanted result.
  • If you know the filename you are looking for, you can use “Topic/File name lists” field
  • All of these fields have an i icon on the right side, those are “tooltips” that will guide you to further optimize the search result.
  • To see the Tooltips just point your mouse cursor to the i icon then the tooltips will automatically show.

Try it yourself:

1. On the home page, Click the Advanced Search word.

2. You will be directed to Folder Page and the Advanced search form will open.

3. Fill up the fields with keywords you want to search/filter and click Advanced Search button.

4. Enjoy the Advanced Search result.

Note: Advanced Search feature is also available for Files tab.

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