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The search feature is readily available to help you find and navigate to files and folders easily.

You can easily locate the search field in the middle of the landing page screen after signing in.

To use the search feature:

  1. Click inside the search bar to activate the cursor
  2. Type the keyword that you are looking for
  3. Even after just a few characters, the system may offer a predictive drop-down of possible search results
  4. You can Click to select any of the Folders, Files or Collections or other suggestions


    Finish typing your query and press enter (or click the magnifying glass)

    This will launch your search results. The system will default to either a Files or Folders view and some formatting based on your company’s global preferences. You can change your view to list or grid view.

Advance: You can also filter your results, or use the Advanced Search options

Digital asset management – search feature
Digital asset management – predictive search as you type on the search bar

Tips: Clicking the magnifying glass without typing any keyword will direct you to the Folders Page

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