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How To Search and Browse Your Files and Folder

We have made searching and browsing your files and folders easily with a few simple steps!

The first thing that will welcome you upon signing in is the search bar, to browse your existing Folder or Files, click the magnifying glass without typing any keyword and it will direct you to the Folders page.

Switching between the Folder and Files tab

  1. The Files and Folder tab is available on the upper left corner.
  2. By default you are in Folder tab, Click the Files tab to switch and view your files assets.

You can also change the sorting display of your files.

  1. The sort option is available in the upper left corner, click the Alphabetical: A-Z.
  2. You have the option to sort it alphabetically, by relevance, or by date added.

You can change the sorting result in both Folders / Files Tab.

Changing the grid view.

You can customize your grid view display, whether you want it bigger or smaller, we got you!

  1. Choose from small view, normal view, and large view. These will help you to see more items or to see the details of the image more clearly!
  2. You can also change the number of items to display per page.

Tips:  You can use all of these feature in “Search Folders/Files” or “Advanced search”

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