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Add Files to a Collection Folder

Add Files to a Collection Folder

The Collection Folder is used to store files and data, it is a feature available for you to organize your collection of assets in different folders. On image tab it contains image file such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF and more. These images resources can be used for your Lightbox and can also be shared via Link and Email.

Try it! adding a files to image tab:

1. On the home page, browse the Collection Folder using the Search feature or the Advanced Search feature.

2. Click the folder’s thumbnail to open the Collection folder’s details.

3. Click the Images tab.

4. Navigate the “+ Add” button and then click it.

5. Select “Add Existing”.

6. Wait for the “Add Files To Folder” form to load.

7. Filter, Search, Advanced Search and Grid view are readily available for use.

8. Select the Files by clicking the checkbox of the Image thumbnail.

9. After selecting the files, click the “ + Add to Folder”.

10. Click “Save” button or “Save & Close” Button.

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