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How Do I Add Files to Images, Videos, Documents And Misc Tab In The Collection Folder

A Collection Folder has the same purpose as real folder, to store files and data. Collection folder is a way to organize the collection of assets. It contains Images, Videos, Documents, Attributes, Misc and Resources, that can be used for Lightbox, shareable link and many more.

To store assets to collection folder. First, lets Navigate the ” + Add” Button in the Collection folder:

  1. On the home page. Browse the Collection Folder using Search feature or Advance Search feature
  2. Click the folder thumbnail to open the Collection folder details
  3. Click the add button in collection folder detail

There are two ways to add files in collection folders, Upload new or Add Existing

If you selected the “Upload New” button:

  1. Clicking the Add New button, it will open the Upload new File form
  2. Enter the details then click next
  3. Drag and drop the files in the upload box area or click the upload box area

By default when you uploaded a file, it will auto Tag and Add in Collection folder based on its name structure. But in case you need it to add the uploaded file manually just follow this Step:

  1. Clicking the add existing button will open the ‘Add Files to Folder’
  2. Search and select the asset that you uploaded
  3. You can use filters and Advanced Search to optimize the result
  4. You can also Batch add and change grid views in this area
  5. Click ‘Add to Folder’ button to add the asset that you selected

Note: Search and Advance search inside the ‘Add Files to Folder’ feature is similar to Search feature and Advance Search feature for Collection Folders and Asset Files.

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