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How to Add Collections into Your Lightbox

Lightbox is the collection of your favourite items. It is the “add to favourite” feature for your DAM (Digital Asset Management). This help separates your ideal collection folders and data that can be used for sharing, downloading and “Generate List” feature.

The first step is setting up your Lightbox folder. Follow These steps will guide you on how to create a new Lightbox:

  1. Point your mouse over to the Lightbox icon on the upper right side of your screen
  2. Then select “+ New Lightbox “.
  3. The “New Lightbox” form will appear
  4. Enter your desired Lightbox name and press the “Save & Close” button

Once you have your Lightbox folder ready, you can now start adding items to your Lightbox!
There are two ways of adding data into Lightbox, you can do it individually or by using the batch action feature.

This is your Lightbox Button

In this part, we will now add some Collection Folder or Data to your Lightbox:

  1. Click the “Add to Lightbox” button.
  2. Then select an existing Lightbox name
  3. Then press “Save & Close” button

Want to add it by bulk? Use the batch action feature! This will help you add your data by bulk. Follow these steps:

  1. Browse the Collection Folders or Asset Files by using the Search feature or the Advanced Search Feature
  2. Select multiple collection folder or asset files by clicking the checkbox button on the upper-right part of the thumbnail image
  3. Then click the “Batch Action” button then click “Add to Lightbox”
  4. Select an existing Lightbox name
  5. Then press “Save & Close” button
Select multiple and click batch action to bulk add items into your Lightbox.

Tip: You can use the “Select All/None” check box to automatically select all the folders or files on the current page.

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