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Add an Existing Attribute to a Collection

Add an Existing Attribute to a Collection

Attributes Tab is a collection of data that represent or describe the Product that is in Collection Folder. This contains information such as SRP, Brand name, Designer name, Marketing Description, Notes and many more.

Attributes type can be Boolean, Date, List, Number or Text.

  • Boolean can only hold “Yes” or “No” data
  • Date data is in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • The list is a bullet type that can be used for multiple descriptions of the collection folder/product
  • The number is for a label that contains numeric data such as SRP, Serial Number and more
  • The text is for a label that contains alphabet data such as Name, Description, Instructions and more.

Note: Attributes cannot be used as search keyword for the Search and the advanced search feature.

To add a Data in Attributes Tab:

1. Browse and navigate the collection folder you will working on, you can use the search and advanced search feature.

2. Click the view or image thumbnail of the collection folder to access the collection folder details.

3. Click the Attributes tab.

4. Click “+ Add” Button.

5. Click Existing Attribute.

6. You can use the search feature to find or check if the label exists.

7. To Select the Attributes, just click the checkbox before the label name.

8. Then Press Add Selected.

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