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Change the Hero Attribute for the Collection Preview

The hero attribute preview is a piece of extra information that can be seen on Collections thumbnail in The Folder page. This feature makes it easier for the Amplifi users to identify the collections when looking at the folder page. Please note that if you change the attributes on hero attribute preview, all collections will be affected.

The global settings option is only available for Admin and Above User Type/Role.

Now let’s try it:

1. Login to Amplifi DAM system, make sure you are using an Admin or Super Admin account.

2. Let’s check first the current hero attribute preview on collection folder detail (Browse, Search or Advance search the collections). You can see the hero attribute preview below the additional title information.

3. Click the word “Folders” on the upper left side part of the screen. Note that the “Folders” word can change to other word depending on the System Setting.

4. Click the gear icon next to the search folder bar.

5. Click edit global settings.

6. On Global Settings, click the attributes tab.

7. Click the Hero Attribute for collections preview drop-down button.

8. Look for your new Hero Attribute, click the attribute that you want to be a new hero attribute.

9. Click the “Save” or “Save & Close” Button.

10. Done! You successfully updated the hero attribute. Now let’s check the new hero attribute preview on collection folder detail.

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