Skullcandy Streamlines Global Ops

Effortless product content management for internal teams and external partners
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The Challenge

With hundreds of SKUs and over 500 distributors and retailers worldwide, Skullcandy needed a way to align internally and externally on product information and digital assets that represent their brand.

The Outcome

Amplifi’s all-in-one PIM + DAM solution streamlines product content sharing for Skullcandy’s internal teams and external retailers worldwide, allowing them to better maximize time and resources.


Skullcandy needed a versatile product content management system to safely and effortlessly manage and share digital assets and product information to all of their stakeholders. Using internal systems like Dropbox and email to share, store, and manage content was clunky, untrustworthy, and a waste of valuable time and energy. And, creating an in-house solution proved to be more trouble and maintenance than it was worth.

Amplifi is now Skullcandy’s only product content portal company-wide. Adoption rate is high, and key features like product organization tools, version control, and AI search functionality make a big difference for Skullcandy in being able to effortlessly find, share, and distribute their digital assets and product information.


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The Solution

A single-source, DAM + PIM system that’s built for safe, accurate, and efficient product content management and sharing makes a huge difference for Skullcandy. Their teams love Amplifi’s:

  • Product categorization and drilldown for marketing and creative teams
  • AI search: by product, SKU, campaigns, ambassadors, and more
  • Easy kit exports for sales presentations and pitches
  • Version control to keep outdated info and assets out of circulation
  • Speedy digital import and file conversion tools
  • Easy access and onboarding process
  • Responsive customer support team

With an internal technology stack audit, Skullcandy self-reported over a $200k ROI from team efficiency and optimization gains using Amplifi.

“One of the most important things we needed was a way to house copy with our assets and media. Having that all in one place and an easy way to add to and maintain it has been awesome!”

Amplifi works for Skullcandy because it’s built to meet the needs of product brands. Our solution erases the need for tedious, repetitive, frustrating, and time-consuming work that is crucial to your success but nearly impossible to accomplish alone.