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Meet Pattern: Amazon's Highest Volume Seller

International product experience management for Amazon’s largest 3P seller.

The Challenge

As a leading seller on global ecommerce marketplaces, Pattern needed a platform that could efficiently manage and syndicate 87,000 SKUs from over 250 brands across all major international marketplaces.

The Outcome

Pattern migrated from Salsify to Amplifi to scale global product information management, resulting in significantly increased upload speeds and reduced manual operations, enabling global ecommerce teams to bring their products to market faster.


Pattern is a comprehensive technology and services company that grows brands’ ecommerce businesses. Before moving to Amplifi, Pattern used Salsify, which had a low internal adoption rate due to its content-sharing limits, time-consuming manual error detection, capped attributes, and lack of international variation management.

Pattern has seen 100% adoption of Amplifi with domestic and international teams, reporting $500k+ cost reductions from optimized workflows, and reduced dependency on multiple 3rd-party tools, while saving up to 20 hours per ecommerce team a week thanks to fast upload speeds and AI-powered error detection.


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The Solution

Pattern transitioned to Amplifi, a comprehensive syndicated PIM + DAM to manage product experiences across hundreds of brands.

Pattern was so blown away by Amplifi’s potential that they acquired Amplifi to invest in developing more features, including artificial intelligence, that would help their partners scale their ecommerce businesses globally.

“Given our scale, we needed something we could manipulate off our needs. We were excited to finally develop our own PIM leveraging the insights we built over the years with Salsify,” says Ryan Moffett, Pattern’s Director of Ecommerce. “If Pattern needs new features, other brands would benefit from them, too.”

With Amplifi, it took Pattern just 10 days to migrate 87,000 products with over 11M data points and 360,000 digital assets across all major domestic and international marketplaces.

Today, Amplifi offers advanced features tailored to consumer brands growing their businesses, including international variation management, DAM & PIM, real-time attribute mapping, live attribute editing, lightning-fast upload speeds, and robust error reporting mechanisms.

“Since migrating to Amplifi, Pattern has helped hundreds of brands scale ecommerce efficiently on a global scale,” says Moffett. “And when it comes to enhancing Amplifi’s powerful features, we’re just getting started.”