Klean Kanteen Revolutionizes Workflows

Effortless product content management for internal teams and external partners

The Challenge

As a growing company with a worldwide presence, Klean Kanteen needed to update old processes to streamline efficiencies and support their global growth.

The Outcome

Amplifi is used daily across both sales and marketing teams at Klean Kanteen and outside retailers to enable fast, accurate self-service content management and collaboration.


Before using Amplifi, Klean Kanteen used Dropbox folders to manage product information, images, and sell sheets. Using Dropbox required tribal knowledge and bandwidth the team didn’t have.

Now that Amplifi is available organization-wide, employees and outside partners have the simple but robust ability to access the right product content from a single source of truth.


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Klean Kanteen
Klean Kanteen

The Solution

Amplifi’s all-in-one PIM + DAM solution eliminates roadblocks like tribal knowledge and empowers teams across the organization to do their best work.

“Our marketing team can focus on more important tasks than finding an image.”

Features like category folders, label tags, and a variety of ways to find what you’re searching for are making a big difference at Klean Kanteen.

“People are finally discovering our well-designed assets, and they’re used more.” 

With Amplifi, everyone at Klean Kanteen can browse their image library, access collateral like sell sheets, and ultimately choose the best assets for their specific needs.

“Even someone that’s not technical can go in and figure out the more advanced functions just by poking around.”

“Amplifi makes launching new products easier—100%. Especially in collaborating to create sales assets and then disseminating those among our reps.”