Designs for Health Eliminates Roadblocks

Designes for Health

The Challenge

With Bynder, a digital asset management solution, Designs for Health struggled to maintain efficient workflows between teams and collaborate effectively.

The Outcome

With Amplifi, all of Designs for Health’s internal teams are using the right information and assets to do their best work together.


Before working with Amplifi, Designs for Health tried managing product content through Bynder, a Digital Asset Manager. But, Bynder’s limited capabilities and inability to house product information with digital assets created a mess of documents, file folders, and spreadsheets outside of the platform. Internally, this meant work was being duplicated and teams struggled to maintain visibility of up-to-date product content.

As Designs for Health searched for a better solution, they knew that it would be essential to find both a Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Because Amplifi brings together both capabilities into one platform, Designs for Health knew they’d found the answer to their product content organization woes when they discovered Amplifi.


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Designs for Health
Designs for Health

The Solution

Trusted, up-to-date, and easily searchable content all in one place has made a powerful effect on Designs for Health.

For example, Designs for Health loves that they now has an easily navigable repository of marketing and sales materials—anyone can search for an ingredient, for instance, and instantly find the product or image associated with that ingredient.

Creating great sell sheets has also been a game changer for Designs for Health. Sales teams have all of the right details in front of them on Amplifi and can easily select the information and assets they need for accurate, customized exports.

Without being able to work together effectively, Designs for Health’s teams had a hard time making design deadlines and collaborating productively. Now, they’re eliminating those barriers to success and empowering all of their teams to do their best work.

“I would definitely recommend Amplifi, especially to brands with a lot of products—it’s a great solution for accessing, sorting, visualizing, and organizing your product content.”