How Can Amplifi.io Accelerate Shopify Admin Users?

Amplifi.io helps companies organize, convert & distribute digital assets and product information.
Shopify is a powerful and user-friendly leading commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products with ease. Over 5000 leading brands also use Shopify Plus to manage enterprise scale ecommerce.

How Amplifi.io helps Shopify users?

  1. Centralized data improves efficiency – In Amplifi.io, all the digital assets like product photos, logos, color swatches, videos are organized in a central location, it is easier and efficient to link them to Shopify using the media URLs as opposed to downloading then re-uploading files to Shopify. This can be achieved by pasting image URLs (technically called URIs) into the product set-up page. This alone could save hundreds of hours and be a big help to the snafu you may be facing.One step more advanced and automated would be to start using a bulk CSV when loading or updating multiple products.

See this page for more information

You can also get a summary of the possible fields and more info on using CSV files here

You can also use our Shopify App installed in your account to connect directly between the DAM+PIM and your ecommerce.

But it is pretty confusing as the image URLs present in csv actually refer to multiple locations/websites (multiple third-parties) where the images are present. Amplifi.io eliminates the need for third-party image storage dependencies and also helps in keeping up with the Shopify marketplace regulations.

  • Consistency and data integrity – Amplifi.io helps in automating the input and update of data to Shopify. Any update cascades down to all the associated pages or channels; thus maintains consistency. Manually uploading the files/photos/documents is error prone and may cause data corruption; leading to business failures. Versioning causes changes to URLs in other systems but not with Amplifi.io. Your URLs will remain steady and consistent even if you version some content. Just refresh in Shopify to see the updates.
  • Organized data improved productivity – Amplifi.io keeps all the digital assets organized and searchable, thus helps in managing Shopify and its related categories and tags much easier.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and dependencies – Many brands pay for many hours of consulting where manual processes are in place. Amplifi.io automation can speed up the processes in multiple ways to manage stores on Shopify. Our customers can stop wasting time and money on machine capable tasks that often frustrate admins anyway.
  • Resolve mistakes – With Amplifi.io audit trail/versioning feature, every action is tracked; which makes it easier to return to a previous version of product data.