4 Advantages of AI-Enhanced Digital Asset Management for Product Brands

AI is one of the hottest topics in tech right now, and for good reason. When they’re set up correctly and meticulously, Artificial Intelligence tools exponentially increase human output. Simply put, AI accomplishes things humans could never do.

And in the product world, where the space gets more crowded everyday, taking advantage of new technology is going to be an essential characteristic of brands that stay competitive, relevant, and successful long-term.

Using advanced AI technology, Amplifi helps brands streamline management of their product information and digital assets. Curious about what AI can do for you? Read below for 4 key benefits.

1. Efficient Content Retrieval

Without an AI-enhanced DAM solution, teams spend so much wasted time gathering product content. Antiquated solutions like shared drives are a nightmare to navigate, and folders are continually being lost, duplicated, and updated incorrectly.

For truly efficient and effective content retrieval, product brands need AI tools. Artificial intelligence is the most productive employee you can imagine, instantly searching through all of your content and files and finding exactly what you need.

Faster searching creates a ripple effect, making all your subsequent content distribution and marketing processes that much easier. And, updated technology can enable version control, which means you’re always accessing the correct product information and images for both internal and external use.

2. Empowered Sales Teams

Another capability product brands get with AI-enhanced digital asset management is more effective sales teams. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into pitching products to retailers and marketplaces. Many brands have different tactics they’d like to use on different sites and with different partners.

As your sales team prepares for these opportunities, the last thing they need is to be slowed down and tripped up by digital asset management errors. AI digital asset retrieval capabilities remove potential sales pitfalls by making files and assets accurate, easy-to-find, and highly accessible.

It helps, too, if your solution provides tools that support AI digital asset retrieval, like slideshows and PDF sell sheets.

3. Visual Search

AI indexing is another groundbreaking capability revolutionizing the way brands manage and search for content within their digital assets. With AI-powered indexing, users can harness the power of visual search to locate specific information within images and documents.

AI indexing goes beyond surface-level identification, even recognizing various objects, scenes, or text within images. Searching for specific landmarks, such as a park, snowy landscapes, or an office building, is as simple as conducting a Google search.

This level of AI-driven image recognition enables users to explore their digital assets in new and dynamic ways, saving valuable time and resources. Whether it’s a nutrition label on a bottle of Smartwater or a pre-workout supplement, AI can locate and extract valuable data from these images in a way that no human ever could.

With traditional cloud storage solutions, search functionality is limited to manually-labeled files. Searching for label keywords like “pomegranate” or “taurine” would be a nightmare task for a human to complete—manually sifting through file systems, scanning images, and tediously organizing them. The process becomes effortless when an AI algorithm can accurately identify and tag these elements for quick retrieval.

4. Advanced Media Formatting

Another AI advantage product brands gain with AI-enhanced digital asset management is advanced media formatting capabilities.

First, powerful image processing automates the creation and management of various image sizes and formats.

Instead of uploading multiple copies of images, AI-enhanced DAM solutions only require your highest-quality master file and then take care of resizing and formatting needs from there. For example, your team can upload one TIFF file to your digital asset manager, and the AI tool can instantly create smaller .png files that are more easily accessible for most image use cases. This not only offers uniformity for quality and size but also eliminates the need for duplicating images in different folders.

Now that you have all of your master files uploaded, AI will auto-assign meta tags to the images and categorize them for you. With this level of identification available to product brands, searching, finding, and actually using their product content is more streamlined than ever before.

Gain AI-Enhanced Product Content Management with Amplifi

Amplifi, with its AI-enhanced digital asset management solution, empowers brands to streamline their content distribution, save time and money, and enhance the productivity of product brands. By eliminating the complexities of traditional approaches, Amplifi provides a comprehensive platform that meets the needs of today’s top brands.

Unlock the power of AI in digital asset management with Amplifi and experience the efficiency, accuracy, and control it brings to your product marketing content. Contact us today.