Everything You Should Know About Generative AI for Ecommerce

AI is rapidly shaping many parts of our world, and ecommerce is no different. Because generative AI (artificial intelligence), especially, can have such a powerful effect on what product brands can produce, those that are staying ahead of the curve around upcoming trends and new capabilities will have a huge advantage in accelerating their long-term marketing success.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce new content like images, text, videos, audio, and other media to optimize product content for sales.

Generative AI works by first analyzing huge amounts of content in its database, breaking down each of those content pieces into “tokens,” or content qualities. When a user makes a generative request, the system gathers all relevant tokens and organizes them into a piece of content that matches the user’s request to the best of the system’s knowledge.

Generative AI for Ecommerce

Generative AI can give product brands a huge advantage in the ecommerce space. Although AI isn’t developed enough yet to allow brands to completely rely on it for completely accurate and consistently-high-quality content, it’s very useful in conceptualizing options and iterating on ideas fast by taking information from its databases.

Here are some areas where generative AI can be particularly useful for product brands:

AI Image Creation for Ecommerce

Creating images for your ecommerce marketplaces and DTC site can be an arduous process—brainstorming, studio resources, staffing, and editing times all affect your output efficiency.

If you’re trying to find what works fast or test certain types of images to find what impacts conversion rates and sales the most, generative image artificial intelligence can be a huge asset to your teams.

A recent development in the world of AI image creation is Amazon Ads’ image generation tool. It’s primarily meant to help advertisers without in-house or agency support to be able to produce “brand-themed” imagery for their listings.

Another up-and-coming image tool DALL-E 3. This is a new function of ChatGPT for “Plus” and “Enterprise” users that allows you to produce images within ChatGPT. DALL-E 3 isn’t ecommerce specific, but it can still give you a leg up when generating images for your products.

AI Copy Creation for Ecommerce

Generative AI can also vastly speed up the time it takes ecommerce teams to develop online copy for their products. Tools like ChatGPT, combined with a well-written prompt and teams trained on how to use AI can produce great product listings, descriptions, and title options fast.

As your teams test and refine keywords for improving your listings’ organic search rankings with product description optimization, generative AI can rapidly produce many variations to make that testing process much shorter and more effective. With AI, you can also translate your copy using localization databases to allow you to sell your products effectively internationally.

Some currently available tools include “ECommerce Prompt Generator,” “CopyMonkey,” and “Sellesta.” New tools are popping up everyday that can help product brands write effective product listing content fast.

AI Video Creation for Ecommerce

Videos can be a game-changer for ecommerce conversions. Consumers that aren’t able to interact with your product in-person gain a lot more confidence and trust in your products when they can “experience” them visually through a video online.

If you’re looking to create videos fast, effective videos that show your product in action or are meant to convey branding or lifestyle qualities of your products, AI can be a great option for you.

Here’s an example of a great product video created with AI:

AI is the Future of Ecommerce

Product companies need AI-powered tools for digital asset management because they do work that humans can’t—especially things like building out concepts and creating many versions of different types of content.

While generative AI might not be able to replace your current product content production processes and teams, it’s still important to build the AI muscle now so you’re ready to pounce on better, more efficient tools as they become available.

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